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Shufflin' Swing


A musician's use of the silence is often overlooked, but is just as important as the notes themselves... space encompasses every note played. This is especially found in rhythms with a swung 8th note feel, most notably soul music, funk, r&b, and hip-hop... where that little bit of extra space between the notes gives that sense of laidback-ness that we can't help but dance to. That extra space excites us here at Lit Loops... which is why we decided to create a drum loop library dedicated to that feel... its called Shufflin' Swing.

Shufflin' Swing is a loop collection of the funkiest drum grooves with shuffle and swing feel. It is a modern drum groove library where all of the loops feature a swung 8th note feel (disclaimer: you will not find any traditional jazz swing or blues shuffle beats in this loop library).

When you download Shufflin' Swing you will get 30 of our stank-iest drum loops, inspired by the 70s soul music, funk, R&B and hip hop. You can start using them right away by dragging and dropping any loop that tickles your fancy into your session (just set the corresponding tempo in your DAW). We also included some handy cymbal one-shots for you (3 rides, 3 crashes, 2 splashes, and hi-hats).

All files are delivered in WAV format (24 bit rate, 48k sample rate)


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