Lit Loops Elite is a suite of custom Podcast production services that are tailored to fit your exact needs. Our engineers will help you record, edit & distribute your podcast worldwide, taking it from just a concept to a professional sounding finished product. 

Come to our studio in Las Vegas where you will have a comfortable, controlled, and stress-free environment to work in. We have all of the tools to get your podcast up and running to it’s fullest potential. At the studio, we will...
  • record your voice through high-end equipment
  • professionally edit, mix and master audio
  • create custom theme music
  • create content for your website or blog
  • provide feedback and coaching
  • assist with online distribution to iTunes and more
Some of our clients include…
  • Hourly @ $50/hr
  • Discounted day-rate @ $400/day (10 hours)
*pricing includes all equipment, studio time, and a professional sound engineer
BOOK NOW via email: litloops@gmail.com