We all know that programming with in-the-box drum sounds to the grid can be incredibly uninspiring in a lot of musical situations. As I began my journey into the world of music production, I quickly learned that stock drum sounds do not always garner the best results.

Just listen to the work of any of today's most famous music producers... from Mark Ronson to Timbaland... one common thread you'll find between them is their focused intent on providing an undeniable rhythmic presence that is uniquely their own.

Being a drummer myself, I found that the best way to achieve the musical sound and feel I wanted was to step away from the computer and record myself physically playing the drum part. I never knew how helpful this simple concept would end up being for my creative workflow. This approach instantly breathed new life into my song demos. After much experimentation with sampling and looping these sounds, I realized, "hey, this stuff could actually help other artists, songwriters, and producers find inspiration too".

My aim is to provide you with sounds and rhythms that inspire and fuel your musical creativity. Lit Loops is designed to give you a simple and effective alternative to those lifeless stock electronic drum sounds.

What makes our sounds different than everyone else's, you ask?

  • THE REAL DEAL: The sounds we craft are made from real instruments, blending the best qualities of vintage and modern tonal characteristics
  • FRESH & ORGANIC: Our customers have described Lit Loops as "musical", "nicely rendered", and having "tone and darkness without being blown out, clean or sterile" (you could say that these sounds are GMO-free)
  • EASY TO USE: We provide a tempo for each wav file so just set your DAW's tempo, drag & drop the wav file, and you are ready to rock 
  • ROYALTY FREE: Our products are made from the heart and open for you to use on any project you can dream of

You can trust Lit Loops to bring that much needed fire to YOUR music project! Sign up today and you'll receive a link to download a FREE hand-selected loop & sample collection!

(a message from Cam Tyler, owner of Lit Loops)