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No one can argue the sheer convenience and versatility of an all-in-one tool like the Swiss Army knife. It is one of those iconic designs that is so clutch and handy when you need it most.

Utility by Lit Loops is like a Swiss Army knife, but for your musical creativity. This library is full of inspiring found-object percussion loops that will provide that "extra something" you've been looking for. There is such a wide array of unique sonic textures that exist within the folders of this collection... over 120 combined loops and one-shots!

The goal of Utility is to provide you with sounds that are natural, unique, and useful. These loop patterns can be conveniently utilized in almost any music production setting... anywhere from trap beats to TV/Film composition. Of all the products we offer here at Lit Loops, Utility is definitely the most "sound-design-y" in nature and execution.

Some of the sounds & instruments that are included with Utility include... 

  • subtle, hollow wood objects
  • trashy jingle loops
  • organic, muted tom patterns
  • wide, stereo-image pots & pans loops
  • a variety of other glass, wood, and metallic textures

All files are delivered in WAV format (24 bit rate, 48k sample rate)

We hope that you utilize and enjoy all that Utility has to offer!


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