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Poppin' Percussion


Hand percussion has the power to pump up the rhythmic energy in pretty much any style of music. Poppin' Percussion from Lit Loops is a fantastic addition to your arsenal of samples for that very reason!

We reimagined the use of traditional latin percussion instruments to be utilized in a modern-pop[ular] music production setting. From Pop to Rock, from Electronic to RnB... Poppin' Percussion's variety of loops and sounds can be used in any modern genre you can imagine (disclaimer: you will not find any traditional latin rhythmic/stylistic patterns in this collection)!

What makes Poppin' Percussion special is its ability to give you almost limitless instrument combo choices. Choose from any of the twelve organically performed loop feels, and layer/interchange instruments as you see fit! Instruments available within Poppin' Percussion include our signature Congaz, Bongoz, two different Shakerz, two different Tamboz, two different Cowbellz, Agogo Bellz, Shellz, Cabasaz, and Clavez.

When you download Poppin' Percussion, you will get:

  • 12 core percussion loops with 12 individual corresponding percussion instruments to choose from for each loop (thats over 140 individual loops!)
  • One-shots of 6 select percussion instruments at varying dynamic velocities
  • BONUS swellz of 8 select percussion instruments

All files are delivered in WAV format (24 bit rate, 48k sample rate)

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