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Hot Hatz


There is no question that wav file drum loops are useful for music production and programming purposes, but have you ever wished that you could get in there and interchange the rhythmic sounds within the loop? Introducing Hot Hatz, an explosive library from LitLoops that gives you ultimate sound choice flexibility.

The core of Hot Hatz lies in 30 performed drum grooves at various tempos (hi-hat cymbal and kick drum together). Once you choose a loop, you can continue to build the drum part by adding your own sounds. It's as easy as dropping another sound sample of your choosing onto a separate audio track (such as a snare drum hit, clap sample, or any other sound you prefer).

If you need even more sonic options, Hot Hatz includes the same 30 groove loops as hi-hat only versions. With these loops as a framework, you can add your own kick drum patterns, backbeats, or anything else you can dream of. The hi-hat only versions are also great for adding a natural percussive element to build energy in your song.

In addition to these 60 loops, we've also thrown in four different types of hi-hats in one-shot form with different types of hits (Bright Hatz, Dark Hatz, Fat Hatz, and Tambo Hatz).

With Hot Hatz you get the best of both worlds... a way to hybridize your production with real sounding drums and other sounds of your choosing. You get the organic groove feel from our loops combined with the added convenience of being able to add your own sounds to customize your song's rhythmic feel.

All files are delivered in WAV format (24 bit rate, 48k sample rate)

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