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Magic happens when two complementary forces interact and come together to create a dynamic system. Just like the night that moves to day, you can compare this concept of dualism to the ever-growing relationship between humans and computers. Both are interacting, interfacing, and integrating together now more than ever before.

Lit Loops is pleased to present Duality; a collection of drum loops, samples, and fills that truly offers the best of both worlds, organic and digital. Like the yin-yang, it is split into two parts.

The first part is a collection of "Natural" drums. These sounds are mixed to perfection and maintain an overall organic and warm tonality. We've provided multiple loops and samples from two different natural drum kits; a Fat kit (thick, deep drums and fills, great for Pop and Rock styles) and a Tight kit (snappy Funk/RnB inspired grooves and fills).

The other half of Duality is our "Processed" drums... this is where the fun really starts. We took our already awesome sounding drums from the Natural side and ran them through hand-selected and tweaked-out computerized effects. Different sized room reverbs, pumping filters, buzzy distortion & overdrive, chordal & robotic synth tones, and even some FREAKY sounds! It's like the human cyborg equivalent of a drum loop and sample library... part man, part machine!

All files are delivered in WAV format (24 bit rate, 48k sample rate)

So, ever wanted to have your cake and eat it, too? With Duality, now you can!


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