Deep Down

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Deep Down


In the deepest, darkest depths of the abyss, the pressure is overwhelming. You will see some things you've never ever seen before. Its a little scary, but exploration and adventure awaits you!

Deep Down is a collection of thrilling drum loops and samples that are formatted to give you light where there is utter darkness. Harness the power of these drum grooves and they'll take you anywhere you want to go musically! Think of it as your own metaphorical treasure map to help navigate & focus your musical ideas!

The drum sounds in Deep Down are full bodied with plenty of low-fundamental thickness that you will love. Deep Down's kick drum is big & boomy, hi-hat cymbals are fat & dark, and the low-tuned snare drum produces a pleasing "splat" backbeat. These drums will deliver especially great results within indie-rock, pop, r&b, and electronic genres.

When you download Deep Down, you will get:

  • 55 performed drum loops at various tempos (dance, rock, and r&b styles)
  • One-shots of each drum at 3 different dynamic velocities (kick drum with snares on, kick drum with snares off, snare drum hit, snare drum flam, & floor tom hit)
  • Cymbal one-shots including 3 crashes, 3 rides, 2 splashes and hi-hats with different hit types for each cymbal

All files are deliverd in WAV format (24 bit rate, 48k sample rate)

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