Using Lit Loops to give movement & energy to your music (video)

Cameron Tyler

For many of us in the music production world, layering sounds in a DAW is a true expression of our creativity. The sounds we choose inspire us to create. And the tools we use drive us to grow as producers and songwriters.

Lit Loops was born from this vary principal. The sounds that we craft will light a fire under you, putting you in that creative space we all know and love. It’s like knowing the perfect spot to go fishing, where you’ll be guaranteed a catch every time.

Of course, fishing for sounds isn’t always a walk in the park. This video tutorial takes you through some on-the-fly creative decision making in a pop music production session. Watch the tutorial in the player below:

In this instance, the problem that needed addressing was "how to build rhythmic energy in the verse of the song without taking away from the lead vocal”. The solution ended up being a simple one, actually. By dragging in an organic hi-hat pattern from the Lit Loops “Hot Hatz” collection, the problem was immediately solved. Piece of cake!

At the time, I didn’t realize how integral this hi-hat loop would end up being for the overall direction of the song. Since the loop is a real performance by a human drummer, it has its own feel, and therefore provides the song with a special kind of sonic texture. Like Marvin Gaye said, “Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby”

And don’t forget that these organic hi hat loops compliment electronic programming when they are layered together. The hybridization of synthetic and organic elements will only bring your song closer to its own unique identity!

So go ahead! You can try some of the loops from Hot Hatz for yourself when you sign up for our free loops on this page:

You can also purchase the entire Hot Hatz collection for yourself (for only $20) via this link:

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