Pro-Tip (video) | How to flex an audio file to ANY TEMPO in Logic Pro X

Cameron Tyler

Music producers today utilize technology more than ever to help achieve their creative vision. However, that vision can only be realized if the producer knows their software of choice inside and out. Simply put, if you know your software, you can achieve almost anything!

This video blog post is a tutorial on how to use FLEX TIME in Logic Pro X software to manipulate an audio file to any tempo you desire. With a few simple steps, you can easily take a rhythmic loop, for example, a Lit Loops drum groove with a corresponding tempo, and move it to the exact tempo of your project without a major loss of clarity.

Of course, if you were to take an audio file and stretch it out to a slower tempo, you would hear some extra noise. But the point of this video is to show that a DAW like Logic has some amazing tools like FLEX TIME that can open so many possibilities when working with audio files. Let us show you how to use it this “Lit Looptorial" video! We hope you enjoy it… leave us a comment if you do!

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